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Presenting with Impact

How can you improve your work climate, client culture, performance, and the bottom line?

Do you want you, your company, and product to stand out when presenting at conferences, in meetings, or working one-on-one with a customer? Would it be helpful if you presented in a way that your customers left with the WOW factor and confidence in what you offer and how it changes their life? Then this presentation seminar is for you!

This seminar is beyond tone, gestures, and stance. LaVonna uses neuroscience to help you deliver content with POW leaving your audience amazed and remembering what was shared. Imagine the impact that will have on your work climate, client culture, performance, and the bottom line!

Impact can be achieved through ongoing continued education and coaching with the design and delivery of YOUR content. LaVonna customizes for you and what your needs are to make sure you have immediate transfer and applicability. She will demonstrate and role play with the audience, so they are inspired and capable of being the difference in their presentations.

NOW is the time! If your employees are coming to a workplace that is fun, cohesive, and making an impact, they are more likely to show up, stay there, AND do what it takes to make your company soar. Let LaVonna help you take your “what you do” and create a place that embraces why you do it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to understand our work and effectively apply to it your teaching principles. I was fascinated by the information about the brain and learning, and I was impressed by your ability to hold our attention.

~ Robyn (Director of Operations)

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